The Rustic and Simple Elegance of the Modern Farmhouse

Great design is an integral part of any home. For Summerhill Homes’ upcoming community, Farmstead, its chosen architectural style of the modern farmhouse is a timely and charming style, one befitting a current rustic contemporary trend. The modern farmhouse seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern, taking what we know as “country” and transforming it into a clean, minimalist yet warm aesthetic. It’s a perfect juxtaposition of modern simplicity and rural sophistication, with a sense of warmth and personality throughout. For Farmstead, this beautiful and effortless design will be at the heart of every home and integrated into the timeless nature of the community.

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Farmstead's Modern Farmhouse, The Winslet Elevation B

Farmstead Design

Iconic in its essence and characterized by simplicity, modern farmhouse architecture embodies “simple elegance”, as expressed by Associate Designer, Marco Santos of RN Design. The exteriors of the estate homes at Farmstead feature a cohesive blend of both traditional country and contemporary design, set amidst expansive lots. Elevations depict the architectural style of today, with a clean and modern twist, sleek lines and contrasting materials, all harmoniously integrated throughout the wider streetscape. Windows are durable and efficient, allowing the beauty of Farmstead’s outer scenery to be infused within each home.

The rear of each modern farmhouse features an elegant, covered loggia with views of the sprawling backyard space. Each lot is abundant in size, ideal for gardens, relaxing lounge areas, backyard pools and more. Perfectly positioned in the natural landscape of Amaranth, the design of each farmhouse style blends well with its setting, creating an organic aesthetic while implementing an intriguing sense of warmth and timelessness.

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Farmstead's Traditional Farmhouse, The Winslet Elevation A

With the modern farmhouse elevation as a key element of Farmstead, Summerhill Homes also offers an alternate style—The Traditional. Contrasting with the former’s contemporary colour palette, The Traditional features stunning brick and stone work as well as classic colour packages and elevations. Both styles encapsulate the distinctive beauty of Farmstead, ensuring there is a home design for every homeowner and a style befitting their preferences.

The design of Farmstead seamlessly connects the natural world of its exterior to the rustic elegance of the interior. Its streamlined shapes, variety of materials and neutral colour scheme are woven throughout each home. Timeless yet reflecting the 21st century, both the modern farmhouse and traditional style can include vaulted rooms, open-concept floorplans, wood-plank flooring and barn-style doors that fit the functional aesthetic. The layout of the kitchen can similarly be open and inviting, creating a spacious and airy atmosphere.

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In most modern farmhouse interiors, the use of natural (or natural appearing) materials is key to embodying this interior style. With many designs, the fresh take on traditional materials utilizes wood to spectacular effect, with lighter-toned plank flooring, weathered finishes on tables and shelving or reclaimed, textured wood furniture as examples. The “worn” appearance of furniture is balanced, creating a raw and warm look and feel that adds character but is not so beaten that it looks unkempt. Exposed brickwork is also an intriguing facet of this style, bringing a traditionally exterior material inwards for a rustic tone.

Texture in the materials is also integral to this idea, emphasizing a natural look and feel with weathered and grained textures as well as linen, cotton or wool. In general, texture used in interior spaces evokes a sense of effortless calm and adds interest to a space that is juxtaposed with contemporary features.

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Colour is vital to any interior design but with a modern farmhouse interior, it helps shape the overall aesthetic and creates a seamless connection of every facet of design, from natural materials to furniture and décor. The colours implemented in a modern farmhouse interior are calming in nature. Crystal Collinson of Collinson Interiors, the interior designer for Farmstead, says, “modern farmhouse is a comfortable calming interior style. Notably by its neutral colour scheme and natural materials. A palette of black, white and light wood tones is what typically encompasses the style.”

The idea of contrasts within the space is also important to this style, utilizing neutral tones such as bright white mixed with darker accents to create a statement-worthy appearance. Contrasts should be soothing and balanced. Where walls are painted warm white, taupe or light grey, darker accents in the form of black or charcoal cabinetry contrasts the light walls. This serene, almost Scandinavian influence on colour and minimalist tones, gives the modern farmhouse its contemporary look amidst some of the traditional elements that are woven throughout.

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Source: The Amish Craftsman


It’s all in the details. An important part of the modern farmhouse aesthetic is the furniture. This is where the concept of practicality can easily be implemented. Furniture is meant to be used but also fills up the space and creates a variety of distinguished accents. To begin, furniture scale and placement must be considered, with everyday function inspiring these decisions. This entails determining where a living room sofa should rest, or which wall the bed in the primary bedroom should be on. From there, the chosen furniture should rely on simplicity. “Furniture has simple, clean lines with no ornamentation. Fabrics are typically made of or resemble natural fabrics such as cotton and linen,” says Collinson. “Other notable design elements are Shiplap wall panelling, black plumbing fixtures, marble looking quartz counter tops.”

In its beautifully distinctive design, modern farmhouse conveys its simple elegance through a myriad of style choices and distinguishing characteristics. Farmstead aims to provide a remarkable canvas for today’s modern family—with both its Modern Farmhouse and Traditional Farmhouse elevations— implementing the intriguing beauty of its unique design concepts and style in every room and corner of these future homes.

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